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Inner Silk Underscarf


  • Made in Canada
  • Inner Silk & Outer Cotton
  • Prevents Hair Damage & Scalp Irritation
  • Promotes Strong & Healthy Hair
  • Smoothens & Shines Hair
  • Prevents A Receding Hairline
  • Cotton Frame to Prevent Slipping
  • Fold the Frame Upward to Cover the Hairline
  • 100% Vegan Friendly Silk
  • Dermatologist Approved

We innovated the first and original Inner Silk Underscarf for Hijabi’s which is the highest rated Underscarf in the entire world. Our Inner Silk Underscarf was made to protect your hair from damaging, strengthen and smoothen your hair. Not to mention, it has been approved by many dermatologists and doctors as well.

The design of our Inner Silk Underscarf has cotton on the outside to prevent your Hijab from slipping as well as a cotton boarder to prevent it from slipping off.

The inside is lined with silk which is known to have several scientific benefits for the hair and skin. Its material is gentle to your scalp which will prevent scalp irritation, frizz, hair breakage and hair loss. The Inner Silk Underscarf will protect your hairline and keep it from receding. Not to mention, the longer the Inner Silk Underscarf is worn, the healthier your hair will be. Keep in mind, our Inner Silk Underscarf fits on your head comfortably as it is sewn similarly to a hat. Hence, the inside is silk and as a result of preventing scalp irritation you end up not having a headache or migraine after it is worn.

Keep in mind, our Inner Silk Underscarf is the first and original design. Each one is handmade in Canada as being ethical is our number one priority.

You can purchase our Inner Silk Underscarf in: Black, Gray, Khaki Brown and White.

Washing Instructions: Wash with your regular load using our Laundry Bags.

Material: Inner Silk and Cotton Outside
Size: 26.5cm width x 25.5cm height

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Black, Gray, White, Khaki Brown, Navy



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801 reviews for Inner Silk Underscarf

  1. 3

    (801 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I bought some for my daughter and myself. My daughter loves it but for myself it’s a bit bulky.

  2. 4

    (801 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    A little slippery

  3. 5

    (801 Previews)

    Melissa (verified owner)


  4. 5

    (801 Previews)

    Marilyn (verified owner)

    tremendously good results within a few weeks I noticed my hairs on my hairline have grown back.

  5. 5

    (801 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    beautiful hair after wearing many hours 👏🏾

  6. 5

    (801 Previews)

    Wardah Sa’adah (verified owner)

    alhamdollah for this idea sister keep up the beautiful work you do 😍

  7. 4

    (801 Previews)

    Ahman (verified owner)

    It makes my hair feel much healthier and shinier than the cotton underpass did. However, the cap falls loose around my hairline which is annoying because it falls back and shows my hair. But the silk lining is very much worth it.

  8. 4

    (801 Previews)

    Safaa Imen (verified owner)

    I ask Allah everyday to grant you success and the shifa. I love the products. You did an amazing job. Just one thing I want to point out, it would be nice if the silk lining was closer to the forehead. Just that I don’t like folding the material upward it doesn’t suite my head shape so I leave it down. I have a very square shaped head so it doesn’t suite me to fold it.

  9. 5

    (801 Previews)

    Rafiqa Mumtaz (verified owner)

    I love it very much! I bought from two different brands to compare them both this one was less expensive and feels very comfortable, the other I bought from haute hijab caused me a bad headache and it’s very pricey.

  10. 5

    (801 Previews)

    Bettina (verified owner)


  11. 5

    (801 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love this but sometimes my hair comes out of it. It’s loose on my head

  12. 5

    (801 Previews)

    Mubeena (verified owner)


  13. 5

    (801 Previews)

    Isha N. (verified owner)

    I’m a vegan muslima and was happy to hear this product is vegan friendly so I purchased it. I wasn’t going to buy it when I first heard it was silk I thought it was made out of worms and that disgusted me. It’s not though it’s very soft material and feels wonderful when wearing.

  14. 4

    (801 Previews)

    Jess Gonzalez (verified owner)

    I like it wish there are ties at the back as that is what I am used to but the safety pin does the trick too

  15. 3

    (801 Previews)

    Arwa (verified owner)

    slow shipping

  16. 5

    (801 Previews)

    Razia (verified owner)

    I absolutely fell in love with the results. These will be my favorite undercaps from this day forward. 😍

  17. 5

    (801 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    made for hijabi gurls 😋🥰

  18. 5

    (801 Previews)

    Taiba W. (verified owner)

    very good

  19. 5

    (801 Previews)

    Nadia Yunus (verified owner)

    good 4 ur hair 😃

  20. 5

    (801 Previews)

    Genna (verified owner)

    excellent quality

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