Modest Behaviour

Modesty; it begins with kind Behaviour. 

Our mission is to provide handmade, high quality modest clothing for women. We truly believe it is important to know where your clothes are being made and that they are designed in the safest working conditions. Clothing companies such as Inditex who supply clothing to fast fashion brands such as HM, Zara, Forever 21, Old Navy have been known for child labor, slavery and dangerous working conditions in their factories. Most these factories are based in Bangladesh and China. Women there are even beaten to finish the clothing within a deadline and are paid less than 40 cents an hour. As muslims and humans it is our duty to understand where our clothing is coming from and to support businesses who are halal. Our mission is just that! We want to provide an alternative outlet to all people who do not want slavery made clothing.

Modest Behaviour designs new clothing on a daily basis and offers a large selection of styles and colors to choose from. We guarantee that your experience with us will be a happy one. Browse our shop for all the latest modest styles and your clothing essentials: Hijabs, Dresses, Abayas, Cardigans, Tops, Bottoms and More! Modest Behaviour offers weekly deals so be sure to bookmark our website! Want us to add a certain product to our website? Let us know on our Instagram page!

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