Modest Behaviour’s Laundry Bags are essential when it comes to washing and caring for your delicates. This especially includes when you wash your Hijabs and Under scarves.

The design of our laundry bags are long lasting, high quality and very durable. They are large enough to fit many hijabs and work amazing in the wash and dryer with your regular load.

Moreover, our Laundry Bags are made in Canada. We source all our products in Canada as being ethical is our number one priority. If you have any questions about our Laundry Bags, don’t hesitate to leave us a message via our live chat and one of our representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Instructions: Add all your Hijabs and delicates inside the bag, add bag to your regular load and wash normally together. This bag is also safe to go into your dryer.

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159 reviews for Laundry Bag

  1. Jamila Khan (verified owner)

    I cannot wait to use this laundry bag and I never use it before 🤩

  2. Fatima az-Zahra (verified owner)

    it has many uses for the clothes you want to wash. I like that it keeps it organized through the entire washing and drying process. Makes putting away my hijabs very easy.

  3. Ruqayyah (verified owner)

    A number of the other hijab brands seem to rip or have their zippers break, but not with yours. They’ve lasted longer than any other I’ve purchased and I’m buying a second time today. 👏🏾

  4. Atifa Mohammed (verified owner)

    It is bigger than the picture shows. I like how I can use it for storage too. I received one for free because I made a big order. Thanks!

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    this has been a game changer for me. No longer do I have to worry about ruining my jerseys and chiffons

  6. Izdihar Nihal (verified owner)

    You can see and feel the quality of the material, the enclosure, zipper … well everything is top-notch….. These definitely exceeded my expectations!

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    very good quality laundry mesh bags

  8. Wahida Tawfeek (verified owner)

    the size is just right to put a few hijabs and undercaps

  9. Rihanna (verified owner)

    bought to wash my bras use it ladies it is a good tiktok hack

  10. Ghaliya W. (verified owner)

    pretty good wish it were a little larger

  11. Meriem Karim (verified owner)

    WOW, these are premium quality bags

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    works great

  13. Hadia (verified owner)

    It works great! Great laundry bag, nice if you have different sizes for different items. Just make sure that the zipper is closedor else it will open in the wash. I didn’t close mine fully and it opened

  14. Aminah E. (verified owner)

    makes a good makeup bag

  15. Aisha Amjad (verified owner)

    easy to use

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Overall a good and nice quality bag to clean my hijabs

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    nice wish it bigger

  18. Alistair (verified owner)

    Very good

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect for protecting my Modest Behaviour items in the wash!

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