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Inner Silk Underscarf


  • Patented Design
  • Inner Silk & Outer Cotton
  • Prevents Hair Damage & Hair Loss
  • Promotes Strong, Healthy, Silky Smooth Hair
  • Prevents Headaches/Migraines
  • Cotton Inner Boarder to Prevent Slipping

Modest Behaviour’s Inner Silk Underscarf is a high end underscarf designed to maintain healthy hair under your hijab. It’s design is sewn similar to a beanie and is lined with silk. The silk in the inside keeps your hair soft, strong, thicker and prevents hair loss/hair damage. Also, the texture on the exterior is cotton with a good grip that keeps the hijab from slipping. After a long day of wearing hijab our inner silk underscarf keeps your hair healthy and damage free. Not to mention, it’s not tight and suffocating like other underscarves are. As a result, our inner silk underscarf leaves you free from any migraine or headache. This design is loose, doesn’t slip off and maintains a good grip. You can also purchase it in black, gray and khaki brown.

Material: Inner Silk and Cotton Outside
Size: 26.5cm width x 25.5cm height

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Black, Gray, Khaki Brown



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314 reviews for Inner Silk Underscarf

  1. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Zaineb Sheikh (verified owner)

    I love it so much!

  2. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Radwa Radwan (verified owner)

    I like it so much very elegant..but it a little bit slippery,

  3. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    love these

  4. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Lina R. (verified owner)

    simple to put on and feels good. No tightness, no headache after, no loss of a single hair. I am amazed and will be purchasing more.

  5. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Juwairia (verified owner)

    5/5 beautifully designed worth buying

  6. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Sousan Nawal (verified owner)

    I was searching everywhere for something like this to protect my hair. I am glad you added them to your store. They really work. They’re not causing me pain or headaches and my hair feels smoother. I also switched to silk pillows to protect my skin and hair at night. 😘

  7. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anisha Iqbal (verified owner)

    good work

  8. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    luving my new scarf feels nice on my head

  9. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Rashida (verified owner)

    THESE ARE AMAZING! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😍😍😍😍

  10. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Shipping took a little longer this time to the uk about 2 weeks but it was worth the wait. I wore them for a few days now and noticed my hair isn’t falling out easily and my husbands telling me how beautiful my hair looks. I’m feeling very happy wearing hijab all day at work now because my hairs going to look pretty after my shift is over lol. Thank you for your service. I will purchase again today for my friends.

  11. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Katherine (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the silk underscarf. It is very comfortable and loose on my head, which helps minimize hair damage. I also suffer from migraines and wearing a tight underscarf often contributes to them. The silk ones do not. I would definitely recommend these to anyone.

  12. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Fauzia (verified owner)


  13. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    good quality 👍🏿

  14. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Sumayya (verified owner)

    good service but please mail to my parcel box not door..

  15. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Salma Siddiqui (verified owner)


  16. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I was worried this might slip back but it actually didn’t. I tied my hair in a low bun and it was easy to slip on. It’s neither itchy or tight like my previous inner headscarves. Your shipping was fast also so for that reason I will get more.

  17. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    great invention every single one of my daughters are trying to steal it from my drawer now 🤣😄

  18. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Zeinab M. (verified owner)

    very nice

  19. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Yadira (verified owner)

    love it

  20. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    sharing my review on insta 10/10

  21. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Rachel Hogart (verified owner)

    It really is like you described on instagram. I love how it feels on my head. I wore it after a shower too and when I took it off my hair was very silky. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this sooner. I really want matching colors to my hijabs. It would be amazing if you can add more please!

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    Image #1 from Rachel Hogart
  22. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Linda (verified owner)

    very impressive 🙌🏻

  23. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    The shipping took about a week to Alberta which is good. I have to say these scarves are very nice. They don’t cause me headaches, hair loss or anything. I only wore it 4 days now and see a noticeable difference from the other cotton ones. I wish they were a little cheaper so I can buy like a bunch of them..

  24. 5

    (314 Previews)

    HebaH (verified owner)

    I love it

  25. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Xaz (verified owner)

    this is amazing doesn’t hurt my head like other bonnets and my hair feels so nice after

  26. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Taqwa Siddiqui (verified owner)


  27. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Rawan Junaidi (verified owner)

    I love these they are really amazing! I received my parcel so fast. Your shipping method to the states is awesome! May Allah bless your business.

  28. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Ayesha Khan (verified owner)

    I was too excited when you dropped these. I couldn’t help but buy like 5 of them. Hyping my friends and families about them so expect more sales 🙌🏻💕

  29. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Saima (verified owner)

    okay so these are the best invention for hijab girls out there. I’m thrilled about these. I just bought one to try it out and about to be broke buying another 10 🤣

  30. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Tereesa (verified owner)

    I’m a nurse and I wore it for a full shift today. I was struggling with other undercaps because my hair kept falling off. After this shift no hair loss at all. My hair feels very soft and smooth. I’m also really happy with the shipping services. It was worth it to spend the amount for express shipping. Thank you so much for your companies service.

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