Modest Behaviour’s Straight Pins are essential for keeping your Hijab in place. They make styling your Hijab so much easier and effortless. You can also use our straight pins to pin your Hijab to your underscarf or directly to your clothing. This will prevent your Hijab from slipping off and it will also keep everything in place.

There are 40 Straight Pins per wheel. Each Straight Pin measures 35mm making it the perfect length for pinning your Hijabs. Not to mention, when using our straight pins the material of your Hijab doesn’t damage and leave behind holes. Reason being, because the pins are sharp enough to pierce through without taring your Hijabs and leaving behind holes.

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244 reviews for Straight Pins

  1. Imri (verified owner)

    essential for everyone

  2. Mae (verified owner)

    I like the colored wheel it’s nice

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    length of pin is good and sharp

  4. Jahanara (verified owner)

    quality is decent but to be honest the colorful pins don’t match most the hijab on the site.. Would be better for matching pin..

  5. Lina H. (verified owner)

    fast delivery arrived to my door in 3 days. I love the hijabs!

  6. Suad H.

    good customer service 🙌🏻

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    good I needed them

  8. Nuha (verified owner)

    fast shipping

  9. Heba (verified owner)

    really good but please like can u add sum fancy pin?

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    nice 👌🏻

  11. Dalilah (verified owner)

    good quality pins

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    nice I got all 3 wheels

  13. Adeeba K. (verified owner)

    best quality on this site so happy with the hijabs and everything was a good experience 🙂

  14. Rayyan Al-Laami (verified owner)

    I like the length of these!

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)


  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good length and good quality stays for a long time I recommend bought several for me and friends

  17. Farheen (verified owner)

    nice pins x

  18. jenn (verified owner)

    This is my first hijab collection as a revert that I ever bought and from this site. I really am in love with everything I purchased. Thank you so much for the excellent chat services. Sarah was really nice to talk to and she helped me throughout the checkout process up to receiving my purchase. It was very fast! I didn’t expect it to arrive 4 days after I placed the order. I can’t wait to try them all on and show them to my friends.

  19. Jenny (verified owner)


  20. Samah (verified owner)

    love the variety on here

  21. Sally_ (verified owner)

    straight pin is good so i buy again ship is fast thank you for it this time i get colores

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    arrived so fast

  23. Ema Saleem (verified owner)


  24. seria (verified owner)

    now I have all the colors I need to pin my hijabs I bought and I love the hijabs so much thanks

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    good service here really liked my order came in very fast

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