Our Jersey Hijabs are the most comfortable, light-weight and easiest Hijabs to wear. They make perfect hijabs to wear for everyday casual wear and don’t require any pins because they have excellent grip. The material is 100% Jersey which is known for it’s excellent ultra soft, durable and long lasting quality.

Please wash using our Laundry Bags.

Size: 180 x 80cm

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Emerald Green, Stormy Blue, Black, Stormy Gray, White, Dark Chestnut, Chocolate Brown, Oregano Green, Pink Tea, Lavender

89 reviews for Premium Jersey Hijabs

  1. Khalida Rabab (verified owner)

    I find that jersey hijabs are a great choice for travel, as they are somewhat lightweight, and can be easily packed without wrinkling. I wore the black jersey hijab for my flight and I was able to sleep like a baby. I had trouble sleeping in other materials. Just a suggestion to make instant hijabs! They will be very successful for your business.

  2. Deyanna (verified owner)

    Your jersey hijabs are super soft and comfortable to wear for school

  3. Leyla (verified owner)

    My go to hijabs

  4. Nadia (verified owner)

    Your jerseys are the best quality I have come across and they don’t wrinkle like the other ones I own

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So obsessed with your entire store. Service is really good and friendly customer service. Also, this scarf is big, really soft and actually stays on throughout the day

  6. Sindy (verified owner)

    I am hoping to try your inner silk scarf and other products of yours soon thank you 😉👍🏻

  7. Gamila Tawfeek (verified owner)

    Jersey hijabs are perfect for active individuals, as they stay in place during workouts 👍🏼❤️

  8. Hind (verified owner)

    i love it thank uuu

  9. Rahma (verified owner)

    First time I washed this hijab and it did not wrinkle or need ironing at all

  10. Sara Saab (verified owner)

    nice and soft

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Premium Jersey Hijabs