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Patterned Silk Square Hijabs



  • Size: 90cm by 90cm
  • Prevents Hair Damage & Scalp Irritation
  • Smoothens & Shines Hair
  • Prevents A Receding Hairline
  • 100% Vegan Friendly Smooth Silk
  • Perfect to wrap your hair up in after showers or to bed
  • The longer it’s worn the smoother and healthier your hair
  • Use our Hijab Magnets to prevent damage
  • Washing Instructions: Wash using our Laundry Bags

Modest Behaviour’s Silk Square Hijabs are super elegant and light weight Hijabs. They are made out of Vegan Silk which is plant based halal friendly silk to protect your hair from damaging, strengthen and smoothen your hair.

The design is a large square shape with a beautiful unique pattern. Isn’t it stunning? Yet there are many ways to style them!

For those who don’t know, silk has several scientific benefits for the hair and skin. Its material is gentle to your scalp which will prevent scalp irritation, frizz, hair breakage and hair loss. It will protect your hairline and keep it from receding.

Keep in mind, each one of our Square Hijabs are handmade in Canada as being ethical is our number one priority.

You can purchase our Square Hijabs in many patterns.

Washing Instructions: Wash with your regular load using our Laundry Bags.

Size: 90cm by 90cm

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Night Rose, Morning Rose, Golden Floral, Morning Floral, Vintage Rose, Dusty Rose, Rose Blossom, Blush Blossom, Turkish, Oriental, Luxurious, Luxurious Lavender, Lavish Pink, Royal Floral, Midnight Floral

123 reviews for Patterned Silk Square Hijabs

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    Dhasneem Salma (verified owner)

    Nice pattern

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    Anonymous (verified owner)


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    Rabia Noman (verified owner)


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    Anonymous (verified owner)


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    Olivia Ez. (verified owner)


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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    good thing I purchased I don’t regret it ❤️

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    Silke (verified owner)

    Lovely packaging
    And wonderful quality. I am in love

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    (123 Previews)

    Rawya Y. (verified owner)

    Super cute, patterns are as shown and same colors. They look even nicer in person 😍

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    Afra Salam (verified owner)

    This is beautiful ❤️

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    Aminah Jawdat (verified owner)

    fabric is unlike any other and looks fancy and remains modest and elegant with all my outfits

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    Maysoon (verified owner)

    beautiful scarf patterns

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    Sajdah (verified owner)


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    Idony (verified owner)

    I love how fast the shipping was. The hijabs are all pretty too 😘

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    (123 Previews)

    Laïla (verified owner)

    ordered 4 patterns again today can’t wait to receive them I loved this qualty

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    Ellington Fidda (verified owner)

    nice patterns material is silky

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    Aminna (verified owner)

    I love these

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    Anonymous (verified owner)


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    Teresa Farook (verified owner)


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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I ordered the pink one and it is soo beautyful and very light fabric so it doesnt hurt or anything.

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    Salma (verified owner)

    beautiful ❤️

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