Modest Behaviour’s Microfiber Hair Towel’s are here to save your hair from bad hair damage, breakage and frizz. Dry your hair after your showers using our gentle Microfiber Hair Towel’s. They prevent frizz and hair breakage cause by regular towels. When drying your hair using  a regular towel it causes your hair proteins to weaken and fall off, especially when the hair is wet it is more fragile. It is extremely important to dry your hair correctly to avoid unnecessary hair damage. We recommend using a hair oil after showering and then wrapping your hair up in our Microfiber Hair Towel’s. Watch your hair become so silky after taking off the towel.

Not to mention, the material of our Microfiber Hair Towel’s is 100% microfiber which is known to be very gentle to your hair.

Washing Instructions: Use our Laundry Bag to wash

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Stormy Gray, Pink Tea

130 reviews for Microfiber Hair Towel

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    dries well

  2. Jen (verified owner)

    I love these! They keep my hair secured after a shower while I get ready. I also use these on my dry hair when I get into my home sauna to keep my hair off my neck (my ponytail is too long). They dry your hair and make it feel smooth.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    If you have thick and lots of hair this will dry the deep areas very well would recommend

  4. Eren (verified owner)

    Super soft. Great to prevent damaging your hair.

  5. Sara K. (verified owner)

    beautifully packaged

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)


  7. Nashwa Hussain (verified owner)

    wrapped my hair with it after showers and noticed no more hair fall from my towels I didn’t realize I was losing hairs over my towel too

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)


  9. Dalia (verified owner)

    Love this towel it is just what I wanted very gentle

  10. Nimr (verified owner)

    good thing I purchased I don’t regret it ❤️

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    fast shipping

  12. Almas (verified owner)

    Overall a good and nice quality towel for drying your hair .

  13. Haya (verified owner)

    would love to have this in more colors

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Loved unpackaging very happy

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    so good

  16. Jason (verified owner)

    I am happy with how quickly these dry my hair

  17. Hayfa (verified owner)

    dries well

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)


  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    la qualité est très bonne

  20. Su’ad Samar (verified owner)

    I love it

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Microfiber Hair Towel