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Inner Silk Underscarf


  • Patented Design
  • Inner Silk & Outer Cotton
  • Prevents Hair Damage & Hair Loss
  • Promotes Strong, Healthy, Silky Smooth Hair
  • Prevents Headaches/Migraines
  • Cotton Inner Boarder to Prevent Slipping

Modest Behaviour’s Inner Silk Underscarf is a high end underscarf designed to maintain healthy hair under your hijab. It’s design is sewn similar to a beanie and is lined with silk. The silk in the inside keeps your hair soft, strong, thicker and prevents hair loss/hair damage. Also, the texture on the exterior is cotton with a good grip that keeps the hijab from slipping. After a long day of wearing hijab our inner silk underscarf keeps your hair healthy and damage free. Not to mention, it’s not tight and suffocating like other underscarves are. As a result, our inner silk underscarf leaves you free from any migraine or headache. This design is loose, doesn’t slip off and maintains a good grip. You can also purchase it in black, gray and khaki brown.

Material: Inner Silk and Cotton Outside
Size: 26.5cm width x 25.5cm height

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Black, Gray, Khaki Brown



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314 reviews for Inner Silk Underscarf

  1. 4

    (314 Previews)

    Dilara B. (verified owner)

    I love the inner and outer fabric but it was too big for my head 🙁 had to fix it a little but after that it was really comfortable!

  2. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Balqees Jameel (verified owner)

    5/5 for good product, service, fast delivery and a happy customer 😎

  3. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Manal H. (verified owner)

    alhumdullah these hejab hat r very good

  4. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    excellent! I needed this so much!

  5. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Hadeer Yusuf (verified owner)


  6. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Bethany Clark (verified owner)

    This has become my go to under scarf 👍🏽

  7. 4

    (314 Previews)

    Tyler J. (verified owner)

    It’s very soft in the inside and not scratchy to your scalp, however it is a little loose on me because my hair is short. I am going to have to pin it a little more because I have a smaller head.

  8. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Kami Roderick (verified owner)

    Soft, comfy to the head, no headache after a few wears. Looking for more colors so please add some more especially white.

  9. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Mona (verified owner)

    packaged beautifully I like the little cute details

  10. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Suha (verified owner)

    Arrival was fast came to my door thanks

  11. 4

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Please make your ninjas with silk! I like these ones but wish there is neck coverage.

  12. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I was worried there wouldn’t be room for my large bun but everything fits. My hair long to my lower waist and I was really worried because the back is closed it wouldn’t fit at all. It doesn’t shift from place either. Really proud I made this purchase plus I will be getting some goodies for my friends here too because the packaging is cute.

  13. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Dana Nehad (verified owner)

    just as everyone said it’s really amazing for your hair I have really frizzy dry hair and this has helped a lot 😍

  14. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Cia (verified owner)

    I love it! Wore it couple of weeks and there’s a dramatic difference.

  15. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  16. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good quality. Thank you

  17. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Denia (verified owner)

    I love these I was looking for something to save my curly hair from all the hell it’s gone through. I have dyed my hair many times and my hair is basically fried lol. These are great so excited to keep wearing them so far after 3 days wearing them my hair feels smoother than before..

  18. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I LOVE THEM!!!

  19. 4

    (314 Previews)

    Mira (verified owner)

    very nice.

  20. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Houda Jabbar (verified owner)

    Incredible quality and very worth every penny. Hope to get more IsA.

  21. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Noura Wahab (verified owner)

    I always wanted to try one of these. Saw many hijabi girls talking about them. It must be good so I made an order myself. I really like them. It fit nicely on my head and feel very soft against my scalp. It didn’t cause me a bad headache after wearing it today at work for 8 hours. I want to place an order for a few more kinda hoping you can lower the price so I can buy many.

  22. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Saufia (verified owner)

    mashaallahh they are very nice to wear not tight and not slippery. Very comfortable and good quality 👏🏽

  23. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Purchased more now for some friends. They will love these! I like how you packaged everything so nicely.

  24. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Hajar M. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping only 3 days to Nyc

  25. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’m so grateful to own one of these thank youuu ❤️

  26. 4

    (314 Previews)

    Anam (verified owner)

    It’s fine.

  27. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Jessiane (verified owner)

    Wore it for a week now and my hair feels very soft and much healthier. Worth the purchase. Shipping was 1 week and a half to uk.

  28. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Rawan (verified owner)

    Your work is amazing and very professional. Thank you Hanna for helping me.

  29. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Laura Hovich (verified owner)

    People really need to know about these. It’s not talked about at all. I’ll be telling my friends all about them.

  30. 5

    (314 Previews)

    Falak (verified owner)

    good stuff.. I would like to have it in white as well if that’s okay. Please take my request seriously. Thanks.

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