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Chiffon Hijabs



  • Material: Chiffon
  • Size: 180cm x 75cm
  • Luxurious Quality
  • Excellent Grip With Non-Slip Texture
  • Right Angle Corners
  • Premium Stitching
  • Washing Instructions: Wash using our Laundry Bags

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Modest Behaviour’s Chiffon Hijabs are the most elegant versatile Hijabs. They make perfect hijabs to wear for fancy occasions, on a hot day or with any casual outfit. Not only that, they are very easy to style and don’t require many pins because they have excellent grip.

The material is a bubble chiffon which is known to have amazing grip so your hijab does not slip off. Not to mention, our chiffon hijabs are very durable and long lasting. With that said, whenever you wash our chiffon hijabs you will notice they come out looking the same after many washes.

Chiffon Hijabs are very light weight  for your hair and as a result you avoid irritating your scalp. Scalp irritation leads to hair damage and we aim to sell products that make your life easier wearing Hijab as well as making you feel confident in your Hijab.

Moreover, our Hijabs are all made in Canada. We source all our products in Canada as being ethical is our number one priority. If you have any questions about our Hijabs, don’t hesitate to leave us a message via our live chat and one of our representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Washing Instructions: You can wash our chiffon hijabs with your regular wash. We recommend washing them in warm water.

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Peach, Thistle, Ocean Blue, Dawn, Black, Stormy Gray, Cloudy, Smokey, White, Dark Chestnut, Mauve, Chocolate Brown, Auburn Brown, Bronze, Chestnut Brown, Mocha Brown, Hazelnut Brown, Khaki Brown, Copper, Beige, Rose Ash, Dusty Rose, Sky Blue, Teal, Denim Blue, Navy, Oregano Green, Fresh Green, Misty Rose, Bubble Gum, Pinky Rose, Dusty Lavender, Burgundy, Lavender, Dark Lavender, Light Gold

320 reviews for Chiffon Hijabs

  1. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Emma (verified owner)

    wonderful color options and quality 😍

  2. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    great quality!

  3. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Amira Filiz (verified owner)

    love the colors I feel like a princess

  4. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Bushra Ayman (verified owner)

    the sizes are perfect and no mistake was made

  5. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is honestly my favorite brand ever. The quality and the hard work you put into the products does not go unnoticed. I love how whenever I had any problem and I contacted the customer service they emailed me same day and didn’t let me worry about anything. Very friendly company and I love that my purchase goes towards good cause. 😻❤️❤️❤️

  6. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Batul (verified owner)

    I’m speechless all the colors are so beautiful I would love to collaborate with you!!!! how do I go about doing that..? and you accept micro influencers under 10,000 followers?? 😳❤️

  7. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Balkis Rafia (verified owner)

    It was a smooth experience and it came straight to my door and no taxes awesome

  8. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Zayna E. (verified owner)

    I love it I wear them every day with my inner silk under scarf very comfortable and light and I don’t get any headache from them thank you

  9. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Janan (verified owner)

    Gorgeous and lovely packaging too

  10. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Cheriline (verified owner)

    This is my first time making a purchase and I have to say the quality is really worth the price I have seen hijabs that are $30 and the quality is terrible but this material is so nice the kind that doesn’t fall off your head easily or move around and the best part is the length and the width are the perfect size and that is what is most important to me. The quality of the stitching looks very professional and the Hijabs look consistent the way they are sewn.

  11. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love them all ☺️

  12. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Heba (verified owner)

    ‏روعة كلش حلو ☺️

  13. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Rose (verified owner)

    The best service thanks 🙏🏼

  14. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Marianne (verified owner)

    Ongggg they come in silk bags!!!! I love this brand!!! Y’all so cute 🥵

  15. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Lauren Mckenzie (verified owner)

    I bought all my scarves from this brand. I still have scarves from two years ago that look exactly the same. I also bought from some other companies but the quality of others started to get holes in it and looks worn out overtime and one of them I bought from another company the stitching came loose after two washes. I have to say buying all my hijabs from here was worth every dollar because it lasts sooo long. I noticed the shape of these hijabs have a right angle corner and the other ones I bought from Shein have curved corners with loose stitching and badly sewn. Mb is really good so if you’re looking for long lasting this is good for you. The stitching looks phenomenal and the corners of the hijabs are right angle which I love because it keeps the stitching from falling apart easily. I am super nitpicky with my hijabs and this company reaches my high standards. I know that sounds pretty arrogant of me to say but hijabbb is a big deal and I wear it proudly so I want to wear the best quality on my head all the time.

  16. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Mahah Waleed (verified owner)

    The nicest chiffon scarf ever 🥴🤭

  17. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality

  18. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Yarra (verified owner)

    ‏ما شاء الله بجنن

  19. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Silvia Bennete (verified owner)

    The fabric is so lightweight and breathable I recommend it

  20. 5

    (320 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I live in the UK the shipping is really good considering it is coming all the way from Canada it only took a week and a half to get to me and I didn’t have to pay for any taxes lol 😂 woooohooooos

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