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Chiffon Face Veils


Chiffon Hijabs are sold separately


  • Lightweight & Breathable
  • Not See-Through
  • Has Ties to Tie at the Back
  • Made in Canada by @zainah.mb
  • Washing Instructions: Wash using our Laundry Bags

Check out our Chiffon Face Veils! They are worn for Muslim women who cover their faces as apart of modesty for Allah (One and only God).

Moreover, we have designed a chiffon face veil that is light weight, breathable and very high quality. Not to mention, our Chiffon Face Veils are made out of the same material as our Chiffon Hijabs making them easy to style together since they match. No more of having to worry about colors matching we got everything here for you in store!

Keep in mind, our Chiffon Face Veils are 100% ethically made in Canada. We source all our materials in Canada and provide only ethical products.

Washing Instructions: Wash with your regular load using our Laundry Bags.

  • Material: Chiffon

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Peach, Dawn, Black, Stormy Gray, Cloudy, Smokey, White, Dark Chestnut, Mauve, Chocolate Brown, Mocha Brown, Hazelnut Brown, Khaki Brown, Beige, Dusty Rose, Teal, Denim Blue, Navy, Oregano Green, Misty Rose, Bubble Gum, Dusty Lavender, Burgundy, Lavender, Dark Lavender, Light Gold

104 reviews for Chiffon Face Veils

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    (104 Previews)

    Aliya (verified owner)

    finally something that isn’t long to my belly. The length is very suitable for me and covers the chest area where needed. They are easy to eat in too. Just worried about steining it. Can I put it in the wash or does it need to be hand washed? jzkkk

  2. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    nice quality. I like them!

  3. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Haya Mahmud (verified owner)

    just received it thank u

  4. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Mina (verified owner)

    I love the quality very breathable

  5. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Hiba Abdulrashid (verified owner)

    happy it arrived so fast and the fabric is a nice chiffon and good quality 😍

  6. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Souad (verified owner)

    love this🥰

  7. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Daisy Jonquil (verified owner)


  8. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Rubab Shahada (verified owner)

    I only wear chiffon and this is perfect. I love the size it’s not dramatically long like other brands. It looks perfect length. I can breathe in it too. You did very well 🥰❤️

  9. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Basira N. (verified owner)

    comfortable and it has adjustable ties to tie at the back and able to breathe through easily 👍🏿

  10. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Habiba (verified owner)

    I love the colours I have ordered 😍

  11. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Jeane (verified owner)

    breathable and beautiful ❤️

  12. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Haufa (verified owner)

    fabulous quality I love the pink so much

  13. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Gracelyn (verified owner)

    I love it so much when will black be in stock?

  14. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Aminna (verified owner)

    super satisfied. It’s light weight too!

  15. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Gena H. (verified owner)

    great quality and service is excellent here

  16. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Ihsan Eman (verified owner)

    I received the hijabs on time with the matching veils. I am pleased with the colors and the quality. I would like you to add more colours similar to light greens.

  17. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Yara (verified owner)

    when do you restock the browns?

  18. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Mariam W. (verified owner)

    ordered more than 5 hijabs with matching niqabs from here and they are all pretty much perfect 🥰

  19. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Aliye Rayen (verified owner)

    BEAUTIFUL 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 M’SA

  20. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    delivery is very fast and niqab is very good

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