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Straight Pins


  • 40 needles in a wheel
  • Size:  35 mm
  • Keeps Hijab in Place

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Modest Behaviour’s Straight Pins are essential for keeping your Hijab in place. They make styling your Hijab so much easier and effortless. You can also use our straight pins to pin your Hijab to your underscarf or directly to your clothing. This will prevent your Hijab from slipping off and it will also keep everything in place.

There are 40 Straight Pins per wheel. Each Straight Pin measures 35mm making it the perfect length for pinning your Hijabs. Not to mention, when using our straight pins the material of your Hijab doesn’t damage and leave behind holes. Reason being, because the pins are sharp enough to pierce through without taring your Hijabs and leaving behind holes.

175 reviews for Straight Pins

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    (175 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    nice pin

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    Anonymous (verified owner)


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    Zoubida (verified owner)


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    Sheena Lavina (verified owner)


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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    your quality is nice

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    Basma (verified owner)


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    Sham’a M. (verified owner)

    ordered more than 5 hijabs from here and they are all pretty much perfect. I like the pins too 🥰

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    Maysaa (verified owner)

    super ⭐

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    Jeenan (verified owner)


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    Sydney Hannah (verified owner)

    Cute staple item for a good price 🙌🏼

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    Huma E. (verified owner)

    good quality pins nice length and sharp

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    Amina (verified owner)

    ok smaller than i expected but will use them

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    Anonymous (verified owner)


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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    These are good pins would like if you’re got black ones

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    Jerrilynn (verified owner)


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