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Ninja Underscarf


Material: Cotton/Spandex

  • Provides Hair and Neck Coverage for Hijab
  • Keeps Hijab from Slipping
  • Makes Hijab Easy to Style
  • Perfect for Swimming/Sportswear

In stock

Modest Behaviour’s Ninja Underscarf is worn under the Hijab to cover the hair and neck. They are also perfect for you to wear as swimwear and sportswear. Its cotton with spandex material allows your hair to breathe and provides a good amount of stretch to fit your head. Having Underscarves are essential to have because they will keep your hair from showing and your Hijab from slipping. The material is also cotton which is very breathable and healthy for your hair.



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119 reviews for Ninja Underscarf

  1. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Dianaa (verified owner)

    it fits perfectly on my head and doesn’t show any of my hair so yes it’s great then

  2. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Salamatu (verified owner)

    Great, I liked it and it came on time

  3. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Halima.r (verified owner)

    I bought more because I needed them. Very good to have 💖

  4. 5

    (119 Previews)

    rawwan (verified owner)

    it’s really useful for hijab highly recommend for anyone

  5. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Sally_ (verified owner)

    luv it really nice for hejap

  6. 5

    (119 Previews)

    ladysama (verified owner)

    good product

  7. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Yasmine Mohammad (verified owner)

    very essential for hijab love it

  8. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  9. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Safa Ahmed (verified owner)

    I really find this under scarf very handy to wear daily with my hijabs. Thanks for your tutorials too!

  10. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Lamya Wahdan (verified owner)

    arrived fast

  11. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Nancy R. (verified owner)

    I always wanted to own one of these

  12. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Melissa Westbrook (verified owner)

    this is a game changer for my hijabs

  13. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Heba E (verified owner)

    beautiful and good quality ❤

  14. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Halima.r (verified owner)

    it’s nice quality, no bad smell, stretches really well, and very comfortable❤

  15. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Sara79 (verified owner)

    very good!

  16. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Sara K. (verified owner)


  17. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Rasha Qalib (verified owner)

    Very useful for everyday

  18. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’m using this for my burkinis very nice and looks cute with a hat

  19. 5

    (119 Previews)

    reemooo (verified owner)

    I think I need to buy another one because I love using them so much!!!!

  20. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Fatima77 (verified owner)

    Very nice! It doesn’t smell thank god and it’s very stretchy material good for swimming. I wore under my Hijab and it’s very good coverage. Very happy with the quality 😀

  21. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Lujain (verified owner)

    kteer helo

  22. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Hebba (verified owner)

    I like the quality. It doesn’t feel hot and has a cool sensation on the skin. I was worried I would be pouring in these lol.

  23. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Rana Hamza (verified owner)

    Sis you have the best collection you have to add more under scarves please!!

  24. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Faiza (verified owner)

    I like your tutorials very helpful. This ninja was introduced to me from you and it is very useful for hijab.

  25. 5

    (119 Previews)

    katrina35 (verified owner)

    I’ve been practising wearing the Hijab and I have to say this made it a lot easier. I can style my Hijab in so many ways and the under scarf keeps my Hijab in place. I’ll be wearing it to the gym with a hat. I think that would look really nice.

  26. 4

    (119 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    my head too big

  27. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Iqra (verified owner)

    fits perfectly

  28. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Janna (verified owner)

    love it

  29. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Hanna Badr (verified owner)

    Amazing quality !!! 😀

  30. 5

    (119 Previews)

    Farahk (verified owner)

    Good quality!

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