We innovated the first and original Ninja Inner Silk Underscarf for Hijabi’s which is a variation of our highest rated Underscarf in the entire world. Our Ninja Inner Silk Underscarf was made to protect your hair from damaging, strengthen and smoothen your hair. Not to mention, it has been approved by many dermatologists and doctors as well.

The design of our Ninja Inner Silk Underscarf has cotton on the outside to prevent your Hijab from slipping as well as a cotton boarder to prevent it from slipping off. It also has full neck coverage, chest and back coverage!

The inside is lined with silk which is known to have several scientific benefits for the hair and skin. Its material is gentle to your scalp which will prevent scalp irritation, frizz, hair breakage and hair loss. The Inner Silk Underscarf will protect your hairline and keep it from receding. Not to mention, the longer the Inner Silk Underscarf is worn, the healthier your hair will be. Keep in mind, our Inner Silk Underscarf fits on your head comfortably as it is sewn similarly to a hat. Hence, the inside is silk and as a result of preventing scalp irritation you end up not having a headache or migraine after it is worn.

Keep in mind, our Inner Silk Underscarf is the first and original design. Each one is handmade in Canada as being ethical is our number one priority.

You can purchase our Inner Silk Underscarf in: Black.

Washing Instructions: Wash with your regular load using our Laundry Bags.

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438 reviews for Ninja Inner Silk Underscarf

  1. Bayann (verified owner)

    it’s perfect

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So comfortable and fits perfectly!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    goodness this is amazing just when I thought it was over for my hair. I am 34 and had no idea it was my hijab causing my hair issues. I spent tons of money on hair products and hair treatments and only wore this for a few weeks results were fast. The texture of my hair improved first week in and second week less headaches too. I love it makes my hair soft. Coming back to buy!

  4. Kubra (verified owner)

    very friendly service thank you for everything and the free gifts

  5. Taqa H. (verified owner)

    sewing is good and doesn’t tare. I would like this in more colours though. Planning to add a dark brown or lighter brown shades? Ohh and notify me if you do add them plz and thnx ❤️

  6. Sameera Kader (verified owner)

    I love this! Awesome stuff keep up the good work! x

  7. Lateefah (verified owner)

    Bought another in white will you add a light brown?

  8. Lina (verified owner)

    it’s wonderful but the shipping was slow waiting 3 weeks to receive I live in Malaysia

  9. Hooda (verified owner)

    This keeps my hair from tangling and being misshaped. No hair tie to keep my hair off my neck, all tucked under cap. Oh and bonus it stays on and doesn’t need to be pinned. It doesn’t slip forward or back and I like how it covers the boobs.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well made. Lining is smooth as silk. I like the quality of your hijabs too. I will consider buying soon.

  11. Sara Ali (verified owner)

    I purchased another one for my sister she tried mine on and wouldn’t give it back lol it’s worth it ladies feels nice

  12. Sultana Al-Hashim (verified owner)

    I can see why everyone is giving this a five star it is very soft and pleasant to wear

  13. Aubry Glenn (verified owner)

    very good ❤️👌🏽✨✨

  14. Amy Williams (verified owner)

    new muslim and am obsessed with your brand. Second order is on the way and I just can not wait to review them for you on instagram.

  15. Zakiah El-Amin (verified owner)

    c’est confortable

  16. Taliba (verified owner)

    the only brand that sells silk lined products which are legit and work

  17. Fozia (verified owner)

    smooth interior, has a lot of stretch and is loose around the neck in a good way so you don’t choke or ruin your make up when stretching it to put on. I like how it actually covers where needed and kind of wish you had this in brown or a light brown as I only wear brown ones most the time. I think if you add it would be popular.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    love it xxx

  19. Janel (verified owner)

    I love your brand so happy I was introduced to your tiktoks they are so funny and you inspire me

  20. Rihanna (verified owner)

    Very satisfied

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    it is needed will be using for the rest of my life hope I can keep it in a good condition…

  22. Wafaa (verified owner)


  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I came across your shop by chance on tikktok. I’m so happy finding this shop and wish I found them sooner. I love the quality of everything.

  24. Nermin (verified owner)

    I cant even wear my hair up or wear bonnets due to my severe migraines after. I purchased this to keep my hair down and it all fits inside the cap and doesn’t look funny at the back. It’s so so comfortable and I am so glad I purchased this. ❤️❤️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  25. Carlee (verified owner)

    After wearing your designs for some time I have new hair growth-was losing hair due to menopause. I love them and gifted the tie ones for my daughters as those were the only ones that could fit themm

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Ninja Inner Silk Underscarf