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Mauve Brown Chiffon Hijab


  • Material: Chiffon
  • Dimensions: 180cm x 75cm
  • Non-slip and has grip

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Modest Behaviour’s Mauve Brown Chiffon Hijab is perfect to wear for any occasion. It’s beautiful yet fancy and can be styled in so many ways! Our collection of Chiffon Hijabs have grip so they don’t slip so easily. We offer our lovely customers with a wide variety of Hijabs and colors to choose from. Be sure to browse our shop regularly to see our latest scarves.



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96 reviews for Mauve Brown Chiffon Hijab

  1. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Farahk (verified owner)

    shipping is amazing took less than a week

  2. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Katie G. (verified owner)

  3. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Laila Khalid (verified owner)

    Finally decided to give your hijabs a try and they are better than all the hijabs I own. I’m going to replace them all now. Love the colors and quality is great. The size is also big enough to style and drapes so beautifully!

  4. 5

    (96 Previews)

    denia (verified owner)

    this is such a beautiful color and it’s also very nice fabric. I purchased it along with the basic open abaya and it’s just so perfect!

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    Image #1 from denia
  5. 5

    (96 Previews)

    halima90 (verified owner)

    sooo i’m totally broke because I bought all the colors lol 😂

  6. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Heba E (verified owner)

    received everything so fast took 3 days I’m shocked.. anyways really good quality and love the colors of all the chiffons I bought ❤️

  7. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Halima.r (verified owner)

    love the color 💖

  8. 5

    (96 Previews)

    rawwan (verified owner)

    yes to all the chiffons hands down the best hijabs I own!

  9. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Sally_ (verified owner)

    this my new favrite one

  10. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Muana J. (verified owner)

    definitely recommending this shop to my friends. The customer service is friendly too. I like that it was shipped a day after I placed the order. It’s nice fabric, has a nice bubble chiffon texture and I will be ordering more again soon. 😍

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    Image #1 from Muana J.
  11. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Yasmine Mohammad (verified owner)


  12. 4

    (96 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    my shipment took 1 month to France.. I will order again because the quality is really good but please help speed shipping.. I know covid is ruining it but come on lol

  13. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Safa Ahmed (verified owner)

    It’s a very nice hijab. Good quality, good length for styling, good stitching and pretty. The service was very good and the shipping was very fast as well. Alhomdullah for that,

  14. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Nancy R. (verified owner)

    I own most the chiffons now I love them so much

  15. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Melissa Westbrook (verified owner)

    wow the shipping was so fast thank you and I love all my scarves

  16. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’m in love. Thanks a bunch sis!

  17. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    A+ quality

  18. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Ellaiscool (verified owner)

    it’s very good quality 🙂

  19. 5

    (96 Previews)

    monayusuf44 (verified owner)

    fast shipping and loving the scarves and all colors

  20. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Jannah (verified owner)

    this color gives me the most happy feeling

  21. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Sara79 (verified owner)

    bella hijap

  22. 5

    (96 Previews)

    reemooo (verified owner)

    got all the colors and just looking at them makes me so happy 🙂

  23. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Walima (verified owner)

    all my friends are going to buy from you because I told them how amazing the quality is. Meshallah! 🥰

  24. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Lamya Wahdan (verified owner)

    nice color and nice quality

  25. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Amber (verified owner)

    this colour is everything really

  26. 5

    (96 Previews)

    HebaH (verified owner)

    c’est beau et de grande qualité

  27. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Rola (verified owner)

    wow just wow all the colors!!!! 😍

  28. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Selwa Amari (verified owner)

    the material is great better than I expected. I ordered a few colors and happy with all of them.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Selwa Amari
  29. 5

    (96 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    colors lit 🔥

  30. 5

    (96 Previews)

    katrina35 (verified owner)

    I needed every color from this collection since my last purchase was very satisfying!

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