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Chiffon Face Veils


Chiffon Hijabs are sold separately


  • Lightweight & Breathable
  • Not See-Through
  • Has Ties to Tie at the Back
  • Made in Canada by @zainah.mb
  • Washing Instructions: Wash using our Laundry Bags

Check out our Chiffon Face Veils! They are worn for Muslim women who cover their faces as apart of modesty for Allah (One and only God).

Moreover, we have designed a chiffon face veil that is light weight, breathable and very high quality. Not to mention, our Chiffon Face Veils are made out of the same material as our Chiffon Hijabs making them easy to style together since they match. No more of having to worry about colors matching we got everything here for you in store!

Keep in mind, our Chiffon Face Veils are 100% ethically made in Canada. We source all our materials in Canada and provide only ethical products.

Washing Instructions: Wash with your regular load using our Laundry Bags.

  • Material: Chiffon

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Peach, Dawn, Black, Stormy Gray, Cloudy, Smokey, White, Dark Chestnut, Mauve, Chocolate Brown, Mocha Brown, Hazelnut Brown, Khaki Brown, Beige, Dusty Rose, Teal, Denim Blue, Navy, Oregano Green, Misty Rose, Bubble Gum, Dusty Lavender, Burgundy, Lavender, Dark Lavender, Light Gold

104 reviews for Chiffon Face Veils

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    (104 Previews)

    Aldona (verified owner)

    luv this half niqab

  2. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    hq, easily worn, doesn’t slide down like my other and simple to breathe in which is key for me. Instant 5.

  3. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Anna P. (verified owner)

    Love this niqab! Super light and breathable

  4. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Sknnrd (verified owner)

    I love this shop! Great communication. Placed first order and I ordered 2 niqabs and Modest Behavior sent me the two I ordered, plus 3 bonus niqabs!! And the quality is amazing and they are so, so beautiful!!! 😍 Thankyou so much!! I will definitely be back!!

  5. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Palmira (verified owner)

    sweet seller she gave me many gift extra

  6. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Lena (verified owner)

    Ty for the extra gift you sent with the order. Very nice of you 💕

  7. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Serine (verified owner)

    How beautiful 😻 I love the matching hijabs too!

  8. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Shamis W. (verified owner)


  9. 5

    (104 Previews)

    sarah m. (verified owner)

    Thank you so much. The material is gorgeous.. so soft and flowy. Not cheap material at all rather they look expensive especially the silky ones. They arrived very fast as well i think it took about 6 days. Thank you sooo much.

  10. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Nadia Hyder (verified owner)

    I love getting the matching scarves and face veils (chiffon). The quality is the best I have seen so far for scarves especially. I have a good amount of colours to go with different coloured abayas. I have always wanted something like these matching scarves and face veils, and am so happy I finally found them!

  11. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Zayneb (verified owner)

    I like it

  12. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Maram (verified owner)

    Hope you get so much success your store is wonderful and your half niqs are really nice 😊

  13. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Dilnaz I. (verified owner)

    May Allah Bless you with your product, it’s really nice

  14. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Sarah Hamida (verified owner)

    Very pretty kinda wish you sold them as sets instead because I found it hard to match them to the exactness

  15. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Farhana Njeri (verified owner)

    breathable and beautiful 😍

  16. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Neda (verified owner)

    I love the length of your niqabs because they cover the breasts as hijab should so it makes styling very simple

  17. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Hafsa Khan (verified owner)

    both me and my mom love your niqabs would like if you add eyebrow coverage too

  18. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Tiyamike (verified owner)

    I love the burgundy

  19. 5

    (104 Previews)

    Imen Meltem (verified owner)

    I love them

  20. 4

    (104 Previews)

    Daria (verified owner)

    Good quality but slow shipping took 3 weeks to arrive to Italy

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